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Happy Lunar New Year! I’m expecting virtual ang pow (red envelope) from you lol, preferably with Wallace face printed on it lol.

Won: Himmy and Peanuts, here are red envelopes for both of you.  Time is money and I have spent it all making  them. (LOL)

Happy Lunar New Year to all the wonderful Wallace’s fans around the world!!!

Peanuts: Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Give me my ‘lai see’ lol.

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Happy New Year!!! It also means the end of holidays, sob sob….

Wallace didn’t appear much in public this month. But overall this has been a busy year for him. He had done so many things such as holding his first photograph exhibition, got loads of endorsement projects, filmed 3 movies, went back to school, launched his new album, and now undertaking his first directorial debut movie ‘Sand glass’. Hope to see more of his work in year 2016. 🙂

Peanuts & Chewywon: Happy New Year to all Wallace Chung’s fans!

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Will You Buy Anything Endorsed by Wallace?

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There are quite a fair bits of comments after Chewywon posted Wallace’s latest endorsement being Trident gum. It is part and parcel of an artist’s life to endorse product or service. Beside bringing in the big bucks, it is also a measure of their popularity and worth. After working hard for so many years to establish himself, Wallace is currently being sought after as an image ambassador of many well-known brand names which is something to be proud of.

Of course that product or service must be of good quality and is something that Wallace uses. Otherwise, it will seem like he is ripping his fans off. I believe that he does use all of the products he is endorsing but not exclusively. As you can see below, Wallace did not endorse tobacco, weight loss service or anything that is deemed unhealthy or of questionable quality. Thus he is…

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November 2015 NEWS UPDATE

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November and December are holiday seasons; hence, it has been extra quiet here on this blog and will continue to be until next year. It’s too bad, because every topics I’m covering this month deserves it’s own post but I could only manage to put them in one. If only I can take my own personal computer with me while I travel. No worries though, because our hearts are constantly thinking about Wallace. We still have our Facebook and Twitter account. So join us there if you as Wallace fans need to spazz!

Endorsement Overload

Wallace’s big news that dominated headlines throughout the month of November are his endorsement deals. As of now, he is a spokesperson for 7 different brands. Below are some of the latest video released.

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Fans who started to like Wallace after watching ‘My Sunshine’ might still not be very familiar with him. Thus here’s 11 things you (probably) don’t know about Wallace Chung translated from thisarticle. Thanks a lot to Peanuts for editing my post, as well as suggesting to me to translate this article. 🙂

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Chung Hán Lương công khai khiêu chiến cùng tình địch mới – Vương Vũ!

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E hèm, đang yên đang lành, tiểu Thái Dương sau 1 đêm dài ngon giấc đã bị đám báo lá cải làm cho kinh hách, kế đó là công khai khiêu chiến để giành lại người iu, câu chiện như sau….

Three… two… one… ready? Xì – tát!

Tèn tén ten ~


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